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Whether they are aware of it or not, all companies will have constructed their individual employer brand. Much like the brand your marketing team builds for the company in order to attract new customers, your employer brand will determine how attractive the company is to both prospective and existing employees. Curating a strong employer brand will help the company compete for the best talent and help you differentiate yourself within the labour market.  

What is Employer Branding?  

Marketing experts have developed techniques and strategies they use in order to draw customers to the business, and employer branding adopts a similar approach focusing these techniques on people management and describing how an organisation presents itself to potential employees.  

A strong employer brand will ensure the company stands out to candidates and promises a particular kind of employment experience, ensuring that the role will appeal to those who will thrive and perform best within the company’s culture. The aim is to connect the values of the company to the people strategy and policies and link in with the company brand that is presented to customers. 

Branding has become a central focus within organisations and social life. Those working within people management are realising more and more the importance of curating a strong brand, not just in the recruitment stage but continuing the branding approach throughout an employee’s lifecycle. This will contribute greatly to building a workforce that is engaged and ensuring all staff have a positive experience within the company.  

How to Build a Strong Employer Brand

The goal with your branding is to paint a picture people want to jump into, so aim to make your company stand out from the crowd as the place to work. This is something that takes many departments working together to curate. As a recruitment service, we will work hand in hand with your marketing and branding teams to ensure the image being presented to prospective employees is on track with what you are working toward.  

 Creating a compelling employer brand story will be a key factor in helping your company stand out from others. There are many things to consider in how you present yourself as a potential employer: what makes the company unique? What do you stand for? What are you aiming for? What is the company moving toward?  

 Make the presentation of the company an exciting and attractive one. Create a vibe that people will be keen to get in on. Utilise your social platforms to generate a buzz, and share your vision, mission, values and culture. Present a clear impression of your management style and what development opportunities would be available to future hires.  

Why focus on Employer Branding?  

There are many benefits to creating a strong employer brand. Here are a few: 

  1. Attract the top talent. Company reputation is important to candidates. If your reputation is a good one, you will have more interest from candidates, giving you the pick of the crop. 
  2. Save time and money on hires. With a keen interest in your business as a place to work, you will likely already have a surplus of talent waiting to get a foot in the door. This means you can vet prospective hires before a position has even opened up, saving you the time when one does.  
  3. Boost Morale. Employer brand is based on how well you treat your employees and, in turn, how your employees interact with customers. By creating a positive employee experience, you will ensure a happy staff, which will boost the productivity of your team. A team that feels they are being well looked after by their employer will be more committed and take more pride in their place of work.  
  4. Retention. Your retention rates will also be greatly reliant on your company reputation. Low turnover is a great indicator of a strong employer brand, and retaining staff will also feed into building that brand.  
  5. Credibility with customers. By ensuring your team is made up of the top talent, you will, in turn, be guaranteeing the best customer experience. Being able to attract top-quality employees will boost customer satisfaction as they will know the team you have built is one they can rely on.  

If we can help you with any aspect of your employer branding, please get in touch. 

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